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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe are your lights for my children?

-  Our Supplier is a member of the Australian Toy Association (ATA) and they follow all ATA guidelines to ensure all items that we supply as toys pass all relevant Australian Standards.

2. My lights have stopped working?

- Turn your light off and on again as some lights have timers on them, this will reset the timer. With an electric set ensure they are plugged in and turned on at the power point. If battery operated change the batteries. If still not working contact us  for further advice.

3. What happens if 1 LED light goes out?

- All the other lights will continue to work in most cases. If this should happen within the first 12 months from purchase please contact us with a photo of the fault for warranty

4. How long will the lights last for (life expectancy)?

- Appox. 50 000 hours
5. Can I buy replacement bulbs?

- No as the LED bulbs are non- replaceable.  If this should happen within the first 12 months from purchase please contact us with a photo of the fault for warranty

6. Do the lights flash? 

- D'Lighted lighting products do not have a flashing feature at the moment, they may have other features where as they automatically change colour and/or able to be set to one colour  

7. Are the LED's hot?

- The LED bulbs that have been used in our Lighting ranges do not emit heat from the bulb.

8. How long are the string light sets?

- The length of the string lights vary from style to style but generally the battery operated string lights will range from 1.7 to 2.3m illuminated. Generally the electric operated string lights will range from 3 to 3.5m illuminated.

9. How long does the battery last for?

- Depending on the brand of the battery and the dullness of the light you like before changing the batteries, but generally between 24 -30hrs run time.

10. How do I change the batteries in my light?

- With the children's lighting range all the battery covers will require a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw from the battery cover. To remove the battery simple push the battery towards the spring end of the battery pack and then lift upward. Replace battery and ensure to re-install the screw when finished to ensure children cannot remove the batteries and swallow them. Possible Choking hazard if batteries are swallowed.

11. What batteries do I use?

- Use the size batteries that are recommended for that light. You can use rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.

12. Do the lights come with batteries?

- Some children's lighting ranges come with a battery and even with a spare one (please keep loose batteries out of reach of children), but generally you will need to purchase your own batteries.

13. Can I add extra lengths onto my string lights?

- In most cases this is not possible. Extra lengths are only available with the electric leaf string light range and the festoon lights. These ranges will allow you to add 2 extra lengths from the original set of lights totaling 3 sets. If unsure please contact for advice.

14. What plug is used for the power point on the electric lights?

- Most of our electric lights have an Australian 240v AC transformer plug. Although depending on the light design some use a USB connection into a transformer plug.

15. Can I buy replacement parts for my lights?

- Generally we don't sell spare parts for our lights, but contact us to see if we can help at all. If the lights is faulty within the first 12 months from purchase than warranty may apply.

16. How does my warranty work if I live outside of the Perth area?

- Contact D'Lighted as soon as you notice that there is an issue with your lights. Take a photo or short video of the fault and send it to with a copy of your receipt. We will then contact you about this issue.

17. What does my warranty cover ?

- Warranty only covers manufacturer faults not misuse or alterations to your light.

18. Can I use my lights outdoors?

- Only if they are certified to be used outdoors

19. Do you sell in bulk for weddings or other special events?

- Yes we can. Contact us at to discuss availability, volume and pricing of your desired designer light.