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Cubby - Monkey

Hi I'm Huggles

Follow the steps to make me yours.

Please select your design template.

Please choose 3 colours to create my words.

Fill in the text boxes, which are relevant to your design for me to wear proud.

Check for the spelling and the design is right. Approve me through the SMS you receive and then I'm yours.

See you soon! Hugs for all.

Fun Fact

Alll monkeys liked to be clean so they have a barber monkey to clean out thier fur. The barber's payment is the bugs in the monkey's hair.

$ 55.00 AUD
Add-ons: Name only - $0.00
Personal Message & Name - $0.00
Birth Block - $0.00
Birthday message - $0.00
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Name / Words:
Date of Birth:
Length (cm):
Weight (grams):
Special Requests:
Picture of choice if room is available:
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Love and Hug Now, Pay Later with,4 interest free payments of $13.75